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  1. We purchased one of these recently and felt compelled to write a review. It’s FANTASTIC. WE have TWO hunting breed dogs which require more than the normal ‘release’ of burrs, twiggs, and the like from their coats, as well as the matts which can occur from much treeking in the snow. This device HANDS DOWN is the best on the market and we have gone through many (have psent hundreds of dollars on combs, brushes, detanglers, etc. Though certainly there has never been ONE item which takes care of every thing for every body, we’re very pleased !!!

  2. I tried using this on my cat who is about 2 mos old.
    I’m not an idiot first of all. but I felt kind stupid for buying this. tried brushing my cat first with the hair, and then against it with no results. I even tried using as much pressure as I could without hurting the cat. and got about two hairs! and those I think just fell onto the tool….he just started shedding too. I even watched a youtube video on it to make sure I’m not an idiot, and I was doing it right. GARBAGE

    • I’m sorry the ShedMonster is not working for you Daniel. One thing I find helps is to take your free hand and place it on your cat above where you are using the Shedmonster and pulling the skin so it is a little tighter. This keeps the skin from moving as you move the tool which makes it hard to remove hair.

      Thanks for leaving your comment!

  3. I have 17 cats altogether, including the outside cats that I care for so with summer coming on I wanted something to help the cats get rid of some of their coat. Plus I didn’t want all the shedding to end up in my house from my inside cats so I tried the ShedMonster. I loved it and so did every single one of my cats. In fact, everytime anyone of them sees me using it on another one they come running and stand in line waiting to be next. For Daniel, I found that on cats with very fine fur like kittens it doesn’t work as well and I had to first brush it the opposite way and then turn it around and do it the right direction and that worked. Kitten hair is so much different than adult cat hair. I really am so glad I bought this and will probably buy another in a few months. The price is so reasonable too.

  4. I bought one and tried it on my dog Jaxx (husky/retriever mix) I thought it worked great but he hated it. Kept trying to bite me and the brush so I was wondering if it somehow was ripping or tearing the fur. He doesn’t mind other brushing but is quite offended by this tool. I would love to have him get used to it because he’s shedding so much I could collect it all and make a duvet with it!!!
    So…does it or could it rip/tear the fur out?

  5. I’ve been a multiple cat owner for at least 30 yrs and have a bucket of grooming tools under the kitchen sink to prove it. The first time I used ShedMonster on one of my cats, after a few strokes she got up and started to move away (or so I thought, another one for the bucket.)Seems she just wanted to turn around so I could brush her other side! Like Carolyn, my cats wait for their turn. Absolutely the best grooming tool I have ever used!

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